Basic knowledge of engraving machine
Sep 08, 2018

Basic knowledge of engraving machine

1. The basic structure of the engraving machine: bed mechanism, spindle motor, transmission mode, control system, drive, stepper/servo motor, guide rail, frequency converter, pump, vacuum cleaner, etc. The drive drives the motor, and the inverter converts the spindle

2. The bed is generally made of steel, and our beds are tempered to reduce internal stress. The so-called tempering treatment refers to a treatment in which the quenched or normalized steel is cooled at a certain rate after being immersed for a period of time below a critical temperature to increase the toughness of the material.

3. The main shaft is divided into air-cooled and water-cooled, generally made of domestic water-cooled, Italian air-cooled. The commonly used Italian brand is HSD.

4. Motor. The motor and the driver are integrated. The stepping motor we use is equipped with the Raytheon drive. The servo motor comes standard with Taiwan Delta. The optional one is Yaskawa, Japan, and the servo motor is all 750W or 850W.

5. The transmission mode includes rack drive and screw drive. The rack speed is fast and the precision is low. It is generally used on woodworking machines. The relative speed of the screw rod is slow and the precision is high. It is generally used on advertising machines. Most manufacturers practice XY shaft racks and Z-axis ball screws. Many manufacturers say that imported screw rods are expensive, so many manufacturers are fraudulent, but they can choose Taiwan's TBI ball screw.

6. There are many control systems. We generally use Shanghai Weihong (NC), Beijing Reiz Tianhong DSP controller, Taiwan Baoyuan M520i (LNC), the most frequently used is NC and DSP.

7. Guide rail: divided into cylindrical guide rail, rectangular linear guide rail (square rail), we use Taiwan PMI guide rail, 25mm, 30mm square rail, square rail quality is good. The stability and accuracy of imported guide rail can reach than domestic cylindrical guide rail 30 times!

8. Vacuum pump, the advertising machine has no pump, because the advertising machine is the countertop of the T-slot aluminum profile, and the woodworking machine has the vacuum pump. Because the woodworking machine is the adsorption table of PVC, our PVC adsorption table is made of 25mm double-layer PVC board, so The countertop is very thick and strong. The function of the vacuum pump is to generate suction, which sucks the workpiece and fixes it. The vacuum pump has 140 flow and 250 flow. The choice of vacuum pump is selected according to the size of the machine platform. Generally, the vacuum pump of 1325, 140 flow is enough. The vacuum pump we use is made in China, and the German Beck pump is optional.

9. Vacuum adsorption is to use a vacuum pump to inhale under the countertop, vacuum, and firmly hold the plate. Now most manufacturers do 8-section vacuum adsorption table. We do 6 or 4 partitions, some people will ask, People's 8 partitions are good, sucking firmly, in fact, this is not the case, do 4 partitions or 6 partitions can be, plus a partition costs only about 250 yuan, the main reason is that 4 partitions are practical, because the more partitions, the smaller the area, take For example, in the case of 6 partitions, if a small plate is taken by a guest, it occupies only one half partition. Only the vacuum adsorption switch of the two partitions is opened, but according to the 4 partitions, it is enough to open one area, one open and three closed.


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