CNC router machine little knowledge
Feb 02, 2019

Driving system introduction

At present, the engraving machine drive system is mainly divided into two major categories: stepping system and private service system. The stepping system occupies a dominant position. The reason is that the economy can meet the requirements of general customers. The stepping system belongs to the semi-closed loop system with the step angle calculation. The private service system is completely a closed loop mode with a measurement feedback system, so the precision is relatively high, the power is large, the operation is stable, and the demand is high, the customer can choose the machine of the private service drive system (the price is slightly expensive). At present, there is also a semi-private service system on the market, which is an improved version of the stepping system. Please pay attention when selecting the machine. (sub-national and imported)

Control System:

At present, Weihong, DSP operating system and mach3 are the main parts, and Taiwan Baoyuan and the new generation control system are imported.

Drawing software:

General use, Wentai, carved, TYPE3, artcam.

Engraving machine transmission method:

At present, the engraving machine is divided into three transmission modes, screw drive, rack drive and synchronous belt drive.

Advantages and disadvantages of the screw machine:

Screw drive is the transmission mode when the engraving machine originates. It has high precision, slow running speed, high environmental requirements, relatively short service life, and the Y-axis single screw is not too long (model can not be too large). Easy to shake, if the installation accuracy is not high, the Y-axis screw will be cut off for a long time. If the accuracy is too high, the Y-axis double-screw structure can meet the requirements, and the general processing speed is about 7 meters. (Mainly applicable to advertising, wood products, small crafts, lighter stone can process any engraving material according to different tools)

Advantages and disadvantages of the rack machine:

The rack machine is an upgraded version of the screw machine. It is a newly developed model that cannot meet the requirements of high speed machining. The speed is fast, the environmental requirements are not harsh, the service life is long, and the precision is lower than the screw machine. The Y-axis of the rack machine Y-axis is the rack-and-pinion drive, and the Z-axis is generally the screw drive. The accuracy requirement is mainly determined according to the meshing accuracy of the guide rail and the rack and pinion. The machine can be large enough in length and easy to maintain. It is usually equipped with a manual oil filling system. It is recommended that the processing speed be up to 15 meters. (Mainly applicable to the processing of woodworking products, paint-free doors, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, screens and other sheet metal cutting, hollow reliefs can also be processed advertising, stone, marble and other materials according to the tool selection).

Timing belt drive:

Synchronous belt drive is mainly used in laser engraving machine and plasma cutting. It is characterized by light weight, high precision, good maintenance, long time and easy relaxation and affecting machining accuracy. (Laser machine is mainly used in advertising industry, handicraft carving, cloth, leather, glass, stone, crystal and other non-metallic materials such as shadow carving line carving, etc. It can also be processed on a few metal materials, the price range is related to the power of the laser tube) .


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