Fault analysis and solution for edge banding machine
Jan 18, 2019

Woodworking machinery edge banding machine, continuous operation in high temperature environment is prone to failure, which affects the utilization rate of equipment. If the operator of the equipment mistakenly believes that the edge banding machine and the precision panel saw are mistaken for mechanical operation, the scientific maintenance and maintenance should be used to eliminate the non-substantial electrical faults to ensure the woodworking machinery. Normal action.


1. Uneven welding

Analysis 1: Workpiece distortion

Solve 1:1. Check whether the workpiece size is different. 2. Check if the operating conditions cause the workpiece to deform.


2. Insufficient welding

Analysis: too little energy for input work

Solution: 1. Increase the air pressure value 2. Increase the welding time 3. Use a larger power model.


3. Over-welding

Analysis: too much energy input into the work

Solution: 1. Reduce the pressure value. 2. Reduce the welding time. 3. Slow down the speed of the upper mold.

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