How does the computer connect to the router after reinstalling the system
Jun 08, 2018

After reinstalling the system, you only need to set it up again to access the Internet. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Open the "network connection" and click to connect to your own wireless network (you cannot access the Internet at this time);

2. Open the Internet browser and enter the address: "" (marked on the router);

3. When the website is opened, a dialog box will pop up and enter the corresponding username and password (the newly purchased username is "admin", and the password is the same)

By default, just click ok.

4. After entering the homepage, there is a "Settings wizard" in the left menu bar. Click on it and click on the next "-select" to let the router select the Internet user automatically

The next step is to enter the Internet account and password (that is, the network account and password given by the operator when you open the network line).

5. Enter the account and password correctly and enter the next step. Set the basic parameters and security password of the wireless router;

6. After setting the above steps, click "ok", and then the wireless router will be set up and you can access the Internet again.

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