How does the newly installed computer connect to the wireless router
Jun 08, 2018

1. Right click "my computer" on the desktop, click "management" menu to enter, enter the computer management interface, open the "system tools" menu, and double-click

Enter the device manager interface.

2. Under the "network adapter", you can see the current installed or built-in wireless network card status; If there is a yellow exclamation mark in front of a wireless network card,

Please reinstall the driver or contact the computer provider. The picture below shows the normal wireless network


Then the network configuration. After entering the computer management interface, open the "services and applications" menu and double-click to enter the "services" interface.

Find the "Wireless Zero Configeration" application in the "services" list to see if it is in a "started" state, such as

If not, click the right mouse button to select the start menu.

4. Enter the "control panel" -- > "network connection" interface, right click "wireless network connection" -- > "attribute", and select "wireless network"

In the configuration menu, click "configure my wireless network Settings with Windows" in the wireless network configuration.

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