How to choose the plate furniture CNC cutting machine tool?
Jan 28, 2019

Panel furniture is more environmentally friendly and more affordable than solid wood furniture because it does not require paint. Deeply loved by modern urbanites. The plates he uses are generally available in two types, particleboard and multi-layer boards.

1 particle board

Particleboard, a scrap made of wood or other lignocellulosic material, a synthetic board that is glued under the action of heat and pressure after application of an adhesive, also known as a particle board. Mainly used in the furniture manufacturing and construction industries and in the manufacture of trains and car bodies.


A, has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance; particle board insulation and sound absorption;

B. The inside is a granular shape with a cross-displacement structure, the performance in each direction is basically the same, and the lateral bearing capacity is relatively poor;

C, the surface of the particle board is flat, and various veneers can be made.

D. In the production process, the amount of glue used is small, and the environmental protection factor is relatively high.


A. The inside is a granular structure, which is not easy to be milled;

B. It is easy to cause violent teeth when cutting boards, so some processes require higher processing equipment; it is not suitable for on-site production;

C. The quality of particleboard on the market is uneven! With different impurities (commonly sand and even nails), it is detrimental to processing equipment and consumables, and even more prone to industrial accidents. Inferior particleboards have poor environmental protection. Excessive formaldehyde content is serious and detrimental to human health, but with the country. The importance of environmental protection, the environmental protection of high-quality particleboard has been guaranteed, so it is recommended that you choose the quality of the board when choosing the particle board.

Particleboard recommended: three-blade spiral cutting knife

TCT three-blade cutting knife: three-blade + horizontal knife, three blades work synergistically to improve cutting efficiency.

The chisel edge design makes the chip removal function very good, reduces the resistance, makes the blade body more stable, and greatly reduces the noise generated during processing.

2 multi-layer board

The manufacturing method of the multi-layer board is generally first made of the inner layer pattern, and then formed into a single-sided or double-sided substrate by printing etching, and is incorporated into a specified layer, and then heated, pressed and bonded, solid wood multilayer The essential difference between the board and other sheets is the unique production process. It is this unique production process that greatly enhances the structural stability of the board and improves the service life of the furniture.

 Generally speaking, due to different manufacturing processes, the impurities in the multi-layer board are much less compared to the particle board, but in the process of purchasing the board, the eyes should also be polished, and the supplier of stable quality is selected to prevent the following:

Damaged tools are small, damage to equipment is delayed, and even industrial stories are big. Plate selection is crucial! !


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