How to choose woodworking machine tool?
Aug 10, 2018

1. The nature of the material being cut

Wood cutting objects are solid wood and wood composites. Solid wood can be divided into soft materials, hard materials and improved wood treatment; wood composite materials include veneer lumber, plywood, particle board, large particle board, oriented strand board, gypsum particle board, cement particle board, hard fiber, medium density fiberboard , high-density fiberboard, blockboard, plastic composite materials, etc. Some wood or wood composite parts are also treated with one-sided or double-sided veneers.

2. Direction of cutting

In solid wood cutting, the wood cutting is divided into vertical and horizontal end directions and longitudinal end directions, vertical and horizontal directions and transverse end directions according to the direction of the blade relative to the wood fiber.

3. Tool rotation direction and feed direction

The tilting direction of the cutting edge on the tool is determined according to the direction of rotation of the machine tool shaft and the direction in which the wood workpiece is fed.

4. Tool and workpiece stability

The stability of the tool and the workpiece during the cutting process includes several aspects. The stability of the workpiece means that the wood workpiece is smoothly fed in the cutting process without jumping. Measures taken to enhance the stability of the workpiece mainly reduce the center of gravity of the workpiece and increase the contact area.

5. Processing surface quality requirements

Wood workpiece surface quality includes surface roughness, geometry and shape position accuracy.

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