How to continue carving after the woodworking engraving machine breaks the knife
Dec 29, 2018

The problem of broken knives is a common phenomenon in the engraving process of woodworking engraving machines, except that some frequencies are higher and some are lower. Moreover, the cause of the broken knife phenomenon is also complicated, and there are problems with the cutter, and problems with the operation may lead to the broken knife. Therefore, in order to save production costs, it is necessary for customers to master some skills when operating woodworking engraving machine equipment to reduce the occurrence of broken knife.


There are two main types of woodworking engraving tools: one is to engrave high hardness materials for a long time, the wear and cutting edges of the cutters are inevitable, the cutters are worn out, and the depth of engraving is definitely not up to the set requirements; Kind: The tool is broken, how to replace the new tool with two new tools, how to engrave the next, these are very real problems. These two common phenomena can be classified as one problem. It can be understood that the case where the tool wear is quite serious is equivalent to the broken edge state. We can handle it in the same way.


When we find that the tool suddenly breaks during the operation of the wood engraving machine, please stop or stop the operation in time. Then remember the current block number, which is used later. After the spindle is completely stopped, replace it with a new one. Because we are manually changing the tool, it will inevitably lead to a change in the height of the Z direction. We only need to use the tool block to re-determine the Z direction origin. There is no change in the X and Y directions, so we don't have to worry about it. After the determination is complete, we find the "Advanced Start" function under the operation menu. The dialog asks us to enter the start line number. This number is the number we wrote down when we started the machine. We need to enter the start number when we start. It is smaller than the number recorded, and the specific size is determined according to the time we found the broken knife. If you find out later, you will lose some numbers. End segment number default file is OK. In this way, the wood engraving machine can automatically continue carving along the unfinished part.


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