How to deal with the dust when working on woodworking engraving machine
Dec 29, 2018

Many customers use woodworking engraving machines, if there is no dust, or no vacuum will bring certain harm to the machine and people! To fundamentally eliminate dust pollution, we must take the route of comprehensive management, start with production equipment, and select advanced and reasonable mechanical equipment, supplemented by certain dust and dust removal measures. However, under the current conditions, the most effective measure is to choose a dust removal device. The choice of dust removal equipment should consider the degree of purification required by the operation site and the nature of the dust. Large-scale wood dust and medium-sized wood dust can be collected on site in time, and for all kinds of fine wood dust with the most serious damage, the traditional effective method is to collect by using pneumatic dust collecting device or bag vacuuming equipment.



It is worth noting that at present, there is no manufacturer of large-scale vacuum CNC engraving machine equipment, and a single-machine vacuuming and dust collecting device can be added to the machine tool itself, which can also achieve better results. For safety reasons, operators should wear protective glasses and dust masks to protect the eyes and respiratory organs, especially those working on machine tools that produce fine wood dust. Wear large masks to prevent dust damage. Customers who use woodworking engraving machines should pay attention to protecting the respiratory tract and not letting the dust pass into the nasal cavity! Long days will be a great hazard to the body!

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