How to identify the quality of CNC engraving tools
Aug 16, 2018

The best way to identify the quality of the engraving equipment is to perform the cutting experiment. However, we can't carry out the cutting experiment at the initial purchase. We can identify the quality of the tool from the following points:

1) Ask about the number of pieces of tool material: The material with a high number of grains is good. Under this premise, a good tool can be found.


2) Observe whether the rake face is smooth: smooth tool is better, the friction of the tool is small during machining, and the tool life can be extended. It can also be explained that the quality of the tool is good.


3) Selecting a narrow-edge tool: The purpose of the wide-blade tape is to increase the strength of the tool. However, with a wide-blade tool, once the blade is slightly worn, the land will participate in the cutting, resulting in a sharp drop in tool life. In addition, according to our engraving industry, the cutting force is small and the sharpness of the tool is required. It is necessary to use a narrow edge belt.


4) The tool joint is thinner: the thinner the front corner of the tool, the sharper the tool.


In general, the quality of the tool can be judged based on the number of pieces of the tool material, the smoothness of the rake face, the width of the land and the joint of the tool.

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