How to install the rotary shaft of the four-axis woodworking engraving machine
Jan 04, 2019

With the development of engraving machine technology, many customers now choose a woodworking engraving machine, which will select a four-axis engraving machine with a rotating shaft and a rotating shaft to process some three-dimensional parts, such as Buddha statues and other ordinary woodworkers. The processing that the engraving machine cannot complete. Specific method steps for installing the rotary axis:


1. Place it directly on the platform, so the gantry needs to be raised, and the platform size does not affect the plane engraving. The rotating shaft can be put on at any time, take it down


2. Place the side of the platform. The diameter of the rotating shaft affects whether the gantry is raised. If the diameter is large, the gantry height is required. If the diameter is 10 cm, it is not needed, but the rotating shaft will affect the size of the platform engraving. Sometimes the gantry is widened. .


3. The table sinks, the table is sunk as a whole, and the rotating shaft is placed under the platform. If the plane is engraved, the platform is engraved on the rotating shaft.


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