How to maintain cnc router
Feb 07, 2019
  1. Check the engraving machine table every day: clean the table to remove the garbage.

  2. Check the X-axis Pishan Jun every day: Stick to the Pishan Jun mobile Xiaochang

  3. Check the connection cable every day: Check whether the cables are tightly inserted, whether there is damage or not.

  4. Daily view Control box: Check if the control box fan has wind

  5. Check the X-axis screw every week: Open the Pishan Jun and clean the lead screw after oiling

  6. Check the Y-axis screw every week: After cleaning the screw and oiling

  7. Uncheck the computer regularly Killing the virus: Do the defragmentation in time.

  8. Check the Z-axis screw every month: Open the Z-axis Pishanjun, clean the screw and refuel it.

  9. Check the lead screw from time to time: Check if the tightening screw of the screw is damaged.

  10. Check the floating spindle once every six months.


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