How to solve the router network speed slow
Jun 08, 2018

As a child who loves to surf the Internet, he will encounter some kind of network problems every day, and some websites are unable to open and the Internet speed is slow, such questions

The frequency of the problem is especially high . Press F5 sharply and shut down to restart the network Try to adjust Try the MTU value.

Can not open the web, network speed is not good MTU value pot? Er...... Maybe it's his pot! Today we're going to talk about MTU value pairs.

The impact of speed.

What is the value of MTU? Why does it affect Internet speed & website opening?

The value of the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), also known as the Maximum Transmission Unit, sets the Maximum Transmission of data packets over the TCP/IP protocol


All the operations we do on the Internet are carried out through one "packet" after another. The MTU value is used

To limit the maximum size of transportable packets in the network, the Ethernet MTU value is 1500 bytes. Packets larger than this size will have excess parts

Split and transfer separately. For example, a 1000kg truck carrying cargo passes through a 900kg bridge. If the truck is overweight, it needs to be Unload some of the goods in two lots and cross the bridge.

When the computer MTU value > network MTU value:

The network will automatically split the packets, increasing the transmission time and website response time, resulting in a short network block;

When the computer MTU value < network MTU value:

There are no barriers to transmission, but it is possible to waste bandwidth without taking full advantage of the maximum size of packet transmission allowed by the network.

Therefore, it is better to set the appropriate MTU value, that is, the local MTU value = the MTU value of the network, so as not to waste the bandwidth, but also to make full use of it

Network transmission performance, thereby improving the speed of the Internet.

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