How to tune the wireless router
Jun 08, 2018

Broadband speed is originally a happy thing, did not expect to enjoy the speed of the high-speed broadband. The reason is on the router! A rate of Wireless routers can no longer provide broadband access over 100 megabytes.

Even with access to more than 100 megabytes of broadband, users can enjoy up to 100 megabits. Look at the ancestral wireless router in the picture below

My uncle's house is in service. This fiber optic broadband really can't stand it. And this 3dBi antenna, the gain effect is limited, you want to improve the WiFi experience Start with a wireless router!

The poor state of wireless signals makes it easy to buy a new router. Before buying again, we should think about seeing our own home in central plains

Some wireless routers, whether old wireless routers.

If it's an older wireless router with 54Mbps and 150Mbps, it really needs to be replaced right away. If the wireless router in your home is used IEEE 802.11n wireless technology for large brand routers, and wireless rates greater than or equal to 300Mbps, so there is no need to consider replacement

We should start with something else.

Besides adjusting the wireless channel, we can also start from the transmitting power of the wireless router to change the signal intensity and enhance the wireless signal

By default, wireless routers emit far less power than their maximum power, which gives us the power to adjust the wireless signal

Degrees bring possibilities.

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