The advantage of woodworking engraving machine compared to engraving by hand.
Sep 01, 2018

The advantage of woodworking engraving machine compared to engraving by hand.

1.Less cost investment, quick results

The company invites an engraver to have a monthly salary of two or three thousand and more than four or five thousand. In the case of woodworking carving, there are dozens of engraving masters in a factory, and more than one hundred, so one The investment in the factory for one year is a small amount. The computer engraving machine has a cheaper price of more than 20,000 yuan, and a good point is also tens of thousands of pieces, but its production efficiency is many times that of hand-carving, and the cost of input can be recovered in a short time.


2.carving time is fast

Hand-engraving a sample can take a day or a few days to complete, and the computer can finish it in a few hours, which greatly shortens the engraving time. For the enterprise, time means money and high efficiency. Saving time means more money. The engraving speed of the newly-launched engraving machine is several times higher. The manual speed and the speed of the engraving machine are like walking to Russia and the other to flying to Russia.



3.Relieve the shortage of hand engravers

Hand-carving is purely manual work, suffering and suffering, especially the current stone carving, collectible carving, young people are less and less in this line, and the highly skilled masters are mostly at retirement age, and many are bosses. It is no longer hands-on, so the engraver is getting scarcer, and the engraving machine can replace some labor, alleviate the human waste, and enable the enterprise to operate normally, quickly and better. The engraving machine can be operated by one person, and it is computer controlled, and does not require much computer knowledge. With a simple training, a sculpture can be completed with a mouse click.

自动换刀 (2).jpg 

4.Comprehensive competitiveness improvement

In the increasingly fierce competition, computer engraving will surely enter the traditional industry. This is the historical necessity. Just like there was no electric drill in the past, it was pulled back and forth with the hand-drilled pegs. With electric drills, no one Drilled by hand, the mechanical opening replaced the chisel, the same is the engraving. If the mechanical engraving is better than the artificial engraving and the efficiency is high, then it is not necessary to sing it without computer engraving! Besides, the average consumer can't tell whether the purchased product is hand-carved or computer-engraved. Many consumers only know that they are buying well and the price is cheaper. It doesn't matter what computer carving or hand-carving you are, as long as you follow the market trend. The products change from time to time, are constantly updated, and are more attractive, so customers will come to the shop and consult.


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