How does the wireless router set up wifi
Jun 08, 2018

Today is more than a broadband use mostly, so you have to use a router, when it comes to a router that must have to mention a wireless router, applied not only in the home computer, mobile phone also need to use ah, well, we're in TP - LINK, for example, here share with you about how to set up a wireless router.

Firstly, if there is a wireless router, then connected the power supply first, and then plug in cable, into the line in the wan port (usually blue), and then with a computer connection string is literally plug which one LAN port, after finishing the work, then you will see that behind the router a address and account password, enter the browser after connection see the address of the router, is generally (of course, if your home is more access to the Internet via telephone line that is ready to a modem, commonly known as "cat")

2. Then enter it and enter the corresponding account and password. Generally, the newly purchased account is admin

3. After entering the operation interface, you will see a setting wizard on the left side, and enter (generally, it will pop out automatically).

4. Enter the setting wizard interface

5. Click next and enter the Internet access Settings. We can see that there are three ways to access the Internet. If your home is dial-up, use PPPoE. Dynamic IP can be used by computers directly plugged into the network, and DHCP server is on the upper layer. Static IP is usually a dedicated line or something, or maybe the cell bandwidth, etc., the upper layer does not have DHCP server, or want to fixed IP. I chose pppoe because I dialed.

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