What are the dustproof methods of the CNC Router?
Aug 14, 2018

In the process of using woodworking cnc router, the problem that will encounter a headache is dust. While processing woodwork materials, the material will generate a lot of dust and wood chips, which will not only affect the health of the operators, but also cause the use and life of the cnc router. So this problem has caused a lot of cnc router users to pay attention to, the dust prevention measures of woodworking cnc router I believe that everyone is not very understanding, then today I will tell you what dustproof measures for woodworking cnc router.


First, we must start with the production equipment and choose reasonable mechanical equipment, so that it can have a certain dust-proof effect. The dust-removing equipment is also indispensable. When choosing, we must consider the degree of purification, so that it can play a certain role in dust prevention. The role.


Second, workers should wear glasses and masks when operating, so as to protect glasses and respiratory organs, to avoid dust damage, but also to play a certain role in dust prevention.


Third, there is no enterprise that installs large-scale dust-proof equipment, but it can install a vacuum cleaner on the machine itself, which can also have a good effect and protect the health of the operators.


The above are some measures for dust prevention of woodworking cnc router. I will share it with you today. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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