What is the difference between a single head engraving machine and a multi-head ?
Sep 05, 2018

With the demand of the market and the needs of production, many customers will demand speed and efficiency when purchasing the engraving machine. In fact, sometimes it is not possible to blindly pursue faster and more. It is the most cost-effective to buy the processing demand that suits you best. Machine. Long (usually three heads and three processes, many clerk and customers who are in contact with woodworking engraving machines will encounter such problems. More five-process but very few factories need such machines) woodworking engraving machines and What is the difference between ordinary woodworking engraving machines?


Today, Daymax explains the difference between the two. The multi-head woodworking engraving machine is just a few more processing heads than the ordinary woodworking engraving machine.

1, some of the hardware aspects of the accessories will have corresponding changes (these are a bit more complicated, the customer can go to study), because the processing head is not the same.


2, the operating system of the two is a big difference, of course, it is not that the operation of the multi-head engraving machine is much more difficult, but the biggest difference lies in the software aspect. On the contrary, although the multi-head engraving machine has more functions, the operation difficulty has not increased substantially.


3, the single-head woodworking machine can process the long-term can be processed, the processing data of the two changes little. You can say that. For example, various kinds of soft metals such as wood, acrylic, pvc two-color board, MDF, artificial marble and aluminum board are still used on the multi-head engraving machine.


4, such as single-head woodworking machine processing range of various doors, windows, cabinets, screens, but the processing range of the two has produced a significant change. Wave board and so on, all kinds of furniture that needs to be carved or carved, and simple mold processing, these multi-head woodworking machines can also be processed, but some complicated woodworking artworks and more sophisticated advertising industry engraving machine products are not single heads. At this time when the engraving machine is competent, it is necessary to have a multi-head machine.


5, the ordinary engraving machine can accomplish the most basic functions of flat carving and cutting. The biggest difference between single-head engraving machine and multi-head engraving machine is that the engraving effect can be different. However, the multi-head engraving machine can complete more patterns, such as embossing, shadow carving, and of course the ordinary engraving function multi-head engraving machine can be realized.


6, can understand whether the choice of multi-head engraving machine or single-head engraving machine is mainly to see your increased processing needs, I believe that customers see the above analysis. If you need only a simple engraving or cutting process, then the engraving machine at one end is enough for your processing needs. If you need more complicated and beautiful engraving patterns for engraving materials, then the CNC multi-head engraving machine will be your top choice.

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