Wireless router is single frequency or double frequency good
Jun 08, 2018

The quality of wireless router is mainly divided into single frequency and multiple frequency, which has strong penetration ability to obstacles and relatively stable signal. Wireless coverage

In the building, the radius is about 20 meters, only one wall can be passed, two walls will not signal. So see the pattern of the house, the proposal buys much frequency, such

When the signal strength is good and the signal strength is weak, the network speed will be greatly affected, and if the wireless network phase of the same frequency band is the same

Mutual superposition may cause signal interference.

As the name implies, dual-band mainly refers to two types of wireless frequencies: 2.4ghz and 5GHZ respectively, which is 5G more than our normal router

Segment, say why to add 5G band, because the general router design is 2.4GHZ.

2.4ghz is an open and universal wireless band. And the use of this band is not restricted, all kinds of wireless products around the world are available

To use this spectrum. Because of this feature, most wireless products, such as wireless routers, currently work on this spectrum. Its overall

Because of other wireless frequency bands, the overall data transmission rate has been improved, and its transmission distance is far. With the development of technology,

Manufacturers can make 2.4ghz wireless products smaller and use less electricity.

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