Wireless routers are the biggest security risk
Jun 08, 2018

While wi-fi has become an essential networking tool for millions of households, the wireless routers that carry it have slowly become the ones that cause some of the leaks in homes

The biggest security risk, and who is to blame?

86 percent of respondents never updated their router firmware

According to a recent survey of 2,205 regular users, most users do not update their devices' firmware after purchasing wireless routers.

They also do not change the default password, and often do not know how to protect their devices.

Over the past two or three years, there have been numerous news reports and research papers detailing the use of router vulnerabilities and hijacking of the default login password that is still running

The event of setting up a large botnet with a router. But the obvious reality is that there is still not much interest in these issues.

Because only 14% of users in the survey have updated their router firmware, only 18% have changed the device's default administrator account and

The password. This means that about five out of six routers will never use new firmware updates, and four out of five devices are provided by the vendor

The default accounts are kept secret, and it's not surprising that they turn into rampant botnet gunpowder in these cases.

Configuration interfaces are generally considered unfriendly

In addition, only 30 percent of users have checked the router's configuration interface and seen which terminal devices are connected to the router, the survey found

On. Only 31 percent changed their wi-fi network password (unlike the router's administrator password).

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