Wood CNC Router Specific Engraving Speed
Jan 07, 2019


Wood cnc router controllers are generally divided into two categories: one type of controller is just a driver. When the wood cnc router is working, the computer is in a waiting state, and all its computing work is done by the computer. Unable to make typesetting work. Another type of controller is controlled by a single board machine or a single chip microcomputer. This kind of controller is actually a computer, so as long as the wood cnc router starts working, the computer can immediately perform other typesetting work, especially when engraving for a long time. This advantage is particularly evident.

Good screw and guide rails are the guarantee of accuracy and performance when cnc router is used for a long time. Screws and guides are also an important part of the cnc router.

This cnc router is divided into two categories, the other is the cnc router of high-power engraving head. One type is large-format cutting machine: the width is generally more than one meter, but the accuracy of this cnc router is generally poor; the other is the moderately cnc router: this stone cnc router is generally used in fine processing and organic signage production.

The greater the intensity, the engraving intensity: the cnc router engraving intensity refers to the intensity of the laser that is incident on the data. For a specific engraving speed. The depth of cutting or engraving is greater. You can use the cnc router panel to adjust the intensity, or you can use the computer's print drive sequence to adjust. Within the range of 10%, the adjustment range is 1%. The greater the intensity, the higher the speed. The depth of the cut is also deeper.

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