Woodworking engraving machine vacuum pump needs attention
Nov 22, 2018

In woodworking engraving machines, there are two common forms of countertops, one is the more common aluminum profile countertop, and the other is the vacuum adsorption countertop. The difference between the two types of countertops is that the material fixing method of the aluminum profile table is fixed by the pressure plate type, and the table top is firmly fixed by the T-slot screw and the pressure plate. The vacuum adsorption table surface is formed by vacuuming the lower surface of the table surface, so that the material is firmly adsorbed on the surface of the table surface, thereby avoiding the complexity of manual clamping of the aluminum profile table and greatly improving the production efficiency. The vacuum of the vacuum adsorption table is realized by a vacuum pump. The attention of the vacuum pump is:

1. For the long-term stop pump treatment method, if the vacuum pump stops running for about 4 weeks, the pump should be completely drained according to item 3 before, and then the anti-corrosion treatment is carried out, that is, 1/2 liter of anti-corrosion oil is used from the suction port or row. The port is poured into the vacuum pump and then operated for a short time. If the impeller is stuck after a long period of pump shutdown due to the use of hard water, the pump chamber should be filled with 10% oxalic acid for about 30 minutes.

2. If hard water is used as the working fluid, the hard water must be softened or the solvent pumped periodically.

3. Lubrication, under normal working conditions, when using 50Hz motor: After running for 20,000 hours or up to three years, the waste grease and its contents in the bearing and accessory space should be removed and filled with new grease. The grease that is flushed should account for 50% of the free space of the bearing and 65% of the bearing cover space.

If the working conditions are very bad, the grease replacement cycle is correspondingly shortened.

4. When the exhaust air is emptied, open the water outlet of the water tank to allow the liquid to flow out. And turn the vacuum pump by turning the fan by hand until no liquid flows out.

Tilt the pump at 45 degrees to evacuate the vacuum pump. This will not damage the pump even if the vacuum pump is deactivated for a long time or in cold weather.

5. To avoid impeller, pump body wear or impeller stuck, dust particles entering the pump chamber with gas and working fluid should be washed away through the flushing port at the bottom of the pump cover.


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