Advantages Of ATC 1325 CNC Cutting Machine For Panel Furniture Production Line
Jul 28, 2018

The first big advantage:

Save labor, the machine is operated by a few people. Improve the utilization rate of the board, the average utilization rate per board is 2.7-2.8 square, the cutting speed is fast, and the cutting machine can work continuously for 24 hours.

The second advantage:

Automatic loading and unloading is fully automatic throughout the day. It takes only 2-3 workers from sheet to finished product, and 150-200 square meters per day for 8 hours, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and saves costs. The duster is small and can improve the working environment.

The third advantage:

The operation is simple, the machine is a fool-like operation, all calculated as computer calculation, zero error, zero failure rate. Easy to operate, any ordinary worker can be directly employed after 3-5 hours of training by the manufacturer.

Applicable industries: general woodworking industry such as panel furniture, wardrobe, panel cabinet, cabinet door, sliding door, etc.




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