Is The Advertising Engraving Machine Good For Round Rails Or Square Rails?
Jul 26, 2018

When customers consult the 1325 advertising engraving machine, we generally recommend two models: one is a circular rail engraving machine, and the other is a square rail engraving machine. What is the difference between these two advertising engraving machines? In fact, this involves the guide rails used in the advertising engraving machine. Today I will introduce in detail the specific differences between the circular guide rails and the square guide rails used in the advertisement engraving machine:

1. Friction and load bearing performance: square rail is a square linear guide, which is surface contact friction, with large friction and uniform load, and needs frequent oil lubrication.The linear guide rail has small friction. Because it is a series of ball point contact, the support needs to be limited, the rigidity is poor, the load performance is limited, and only the radial load has good bearing capacity, and the axial load ratio is smaller. Moreover, the square track is wear-resistant, high-speed, and has low resistance, so it has advantages. The popular explanation here is that the square-track engraving machine is more powerful than the circular-track engraving machine.

2. Positioning accuracy: Because of the small difference between the static friction force and the dynamic friction force, the square guide rail does not have the phenomenon of idling and slipping even during the micro feed, and the resolution and reproducibility are optimal, so the engraving machine μm level can be realized. Positioning accuracy. Low friction resistance can maintain accuracy for a long time, and the rolling friction of the linear guide can be reduced to 1/20~1/40 of the frictional resistance of the sliding guide. Especially the lubrication structure is simple, the lubrication is easy, the lubrication effect is excellent, and the friction contact surface wears. The bottom is the bottom, so the walking accuracy can be maintained for a long time. All in all, the accuracy of a square rail is much higher than that of a circular rail.

It can be seen that the square-column advertising engraving machine is better than the circular guide rail engraving machine in terms of friction, bearing capacity and precision, so the former is naturally higher in price than the latter. Of course, the specific guide rail should be processed according to customers. The material of the product and the needs of the customer, if only for cutting materials, then the use of circular rail advertising engraving machine is also feasible.

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