China's Technology Spectrum, The Future Of Africa's Energy Internet To Build A Win-win Platform
Sep 15, 2018

The Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation and Guinea jointly initiated the establishment of the "African Energy Internet Sustainable Development Alliance" and signed four cooperation agreements with the UNECA, the African Electric Utilities Association, the East Africa Power Pool and the West Africa Power Pool. Experts said that the above-mentioned agreements are of great significance for promoting the launch of the Global Energy Internet "China Initiative" in Africa, deepening China-Africa energy cooperation and helping African countries to achieve sustainable development.


Energy interconnection, moving from concept to reality

The African Energy Internet Planning Research published in the forum is also seen as a “package” solution for China's clean energy development and grid interconnection in Africa. "In recent years, Africa's economic development has entered a new stage characterized by industrialization, urbanization and regional integration." Liu Zhenya, chairman of the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization, said that to solve the problem of sustainable development in Africa, the key is to seize the "bovine nose" of energy. To promote the development of resources through clean development, promote economic transformation through energy transformation, and promote regional integration through interconnection. He said that the construction of the African energy Internet provides strategic solutions and action roadmaps for accelerating sustainable development in Africa from the strategic, planning, economic and technological levels, and has solved the long-term constraints on the large-scale development and utilization of African energy. Development and China-Africa cooperation bring great opportunities.


Optimistic about Africa, let resources be sustainable

What are the advantages of Africa's priority in developing an energy Internet? Faced with this problem, the representative of the South African Renewable Energy Association, Mustawar, said that China's proposed global energy Internet focuses on "green" and "intelligence", which have inherent advantages and great development potential. Africa's hydro, wind and solar energy reserves account for 12%, 32% and 40% of the world's total, respectively, but the overall development rate is still very low, such as hydropower development rate of only 10% of the theoretical value. In addition to low development rate and low utilization rate, whether it is water, wind or solar energy, it is characterized by decentralization, instability and difficulty in storage. These are the problems that the energy Internet needs to solve.

Africa is rich in natural resources. How to turn resource advantages into an inexhaustible motive force for sustainable development is a major issue facing all African countries. Mustava told reporters: "The concept of sustainable development proposed by President Xi is crucial to the development of Africa. Africa needs to consider the issue of sustainability in the process of rapid development. China's energy Internet solution for Africa is positive. It is a practice of the concept of sustainable development."


Win-win cooperation and create a model for the world

As the foundation of Africa's energy Internet construction, China's various types of enterprises play an irreplaceable role. Shu Yinbiao, chairman of the State Grid Corporation of China, said that in line with the true and sincere concept, the State Grid has reached 120 non-accumulated cooperation projects with a total contract value of more than 4.5 billion US dollars. The company adheres to localized operations, and more than 90% of the project builders are local workers, and more than 3,000 local engineers and technicians have been trained.

Yan Hao, chairman of the Board of Directors of Pacific Construction, also said that private and private enterprises are also willing to actively participate in the cause of cooperation and win-win development with Africa. Practice has proved that the advantages of technology, price and efficiency of Chinese enterprises in Africa are in Africa. At the root of the foothold, the urgent needs of the African people in energy and power are in line with the long-term planning of China's cooperation in related fields, which is also a concrete manifestation of "building a closer community of fate between China and Africa."

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