Cutting Machine Equipment Maintenance Knowledge
Jul 14, 2018


The cutting machine is very important for the woodworking industry. The three-dimensional curved surface and shape cutting of various wooden industrial products such as wooden door manufacturing, furniture customization, musical instrument manufacturing, cabinet window doors, bedside cabinets, screen embossing and cutting, etc. Processing, so the development prospects of the cutting machine is very good.

Cutting machine advantages:

The use of the panel-type furniture design software for the CNC cutting machine allows the purchaser to see the furniture renderings more intuitively, realizes automatic optimization and layout of the blanking, and has higher efficiency, saves the master of cutting, and improves the utilization of the board.

The whole house is customized for punching, slotting, blanking and milling engraving. It is easy to shape, fast cutting, no chipping, no hair, save labor, safe operation and no error. , CNC production will not be due to manual errors, a cutting machine can be processed by three or four people.

But for many woodworking industry practitioners, they will operate the machine but not necessarily understand the machine. Some cutting machines often have sloshing problems during work, or there are cases of stagnation and slickness during processing. Most of the causes of these problems are that the operator is not skilled in operating techniques. As a complicated mechanical equipment, the material opening and punching stability of the material unloading machine is likely to be affected by various unstable factors in the surrounding area. Therefore, the operator is required to master the various parts of the machine. The cutting machine technicians will now help you with the tricks, and introduce you to several operating points to ensure the stable operation of the CNC cutting machine. I hope to help you:

1. Stable voltage: Keeping the voltage stable is the first element to protect the electrical components of the machine. The general engraving machine has leakage protection devices, thermistors and other protective measures. If the voltage is unstable or the temperature is too high, the machine will alarm.

2, enhanced lubrication: rails, screws and other accessories are the track during the operation, regular injection of lubricants to help run the track stable and safe.

3, cooling water temperature: CNC cutting material chip force, spindle, tool cooling depends on water temperature, good cooling effect, help the life of the spindle and tool, summer to prevent water temperature is too high, winter vigilant water ice.

4, choose a good tool: CNC cutting machine is mainly a tool, good horse with a good saddle, choose a good tool, can continue to use for a long time, if you change the tool often, the tool holder, the spindle will be damaged, the machine often starts, Stopping work is incoherent and has an impact on the machine.

5, reduce the load: the machine is not a storage platform for processing materials, in the process of using as much as possible to avoid stacking too heavy materials on the machine beam, the care of the machine, is your long-term use guarantee.

6. Inspection and cleaning: After regular or long-term intensity work, keep the machine clean, avoid silt accumulation, and check the machine to better extend the life of the machine.

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