Focus On Modular Access Routers
Jun 08, 2018

The main control board is most concerned with packet forwarding performance and inherent WAN exits. Forwarding performance is the embodiment of the forwarding capacity of the entire device data message inside and outside.

The higher the main control performance, the better able to adapt to the future development of large bandwidth, to meet the needs of upgrading in the next 3-5 years. In addition, WAN port, on the one hand With the export bandwidth, the number of WAN ports fixed by the main control board increases. On the other hand, the investment in WAN single board can be reduced in the future. Currently, huawei AR

G3 router main control board can support 2~40Mbps multiple forwarding performance, investment return has a high cost performance.

Ability to scale

The number of extended slots directly affects the capacity of the router in the future. If considering the rapid expansion of the subsequent business, choose one

A high-end, scalable router is a smart choice.

It's not enough if the slot is only concerned with the number. Router slots are always limited, and limited slots need to be put into unlimited board CARDS

Business support! How to make reasonable and efficient use of the existing slot to expand business and save investment is the concern of many enterprises The topic.

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