How To Choose Wooden Door CNC Woodworking Engraving Machine
Aug 02, 2018

First, the configuration status of CNC woodworking engraving machine.

(1) The model of the rack drive is selected, and the Y-axis double motor drive is fast, and the cutting force is large.

(2) Guide rail: The imported square linear guide is selected, which has good wear resistance, large bearing capacity, and the guide rail and the ball slide are in close contact with high precision.

(3) Electrical appliances: The main shaft is equipped with a 3-phase 3.2KW high-power water-cooled spindle. It has stable performance and is suitable for high-strength cutting and engraving. It can also choose air-cooled spindle according to actual conditions.

(4) Inverter: The inverter should choose a big brand, not to be cheap, otherwise it will have a great impact.

(5) Motor drive: According to the actual situation, the stepping or servo is selected. The servo motor is faster and the cutting force is larger.

Second, the size selection.

Generally choose the model of 1325, the maximum processing size is 1.3 meters * 2.5 meters, suitable for engraving all kinds of standard plates (the standard plate size is 1.22 meters * 2.44 meters), you can also customize large sizes according to requirements.

Third, the processing technology:

The processing technology is complex and simple. (1) If it is more complicated, if you need more than one process type tool combination engraving, you can choose a pneumatic multi-head intelligent multi-process engraving machine, which can be equipped with 2-4 heads, each head can be equipped with different tools, through the program The automatic switching of the machine head is realized, and the combined pattern engraving of multiple processes can be completed in one time. (2) If it is relatively simple, the standard configuration can basically meet the requirements of use.

In summary, when the wooden door CNC woodworking engraving machine needs to be combined with the actual use requirements, it is necessary to understand the various performances and dimensions of the machine and the construction process. There is no best, only suitable, the type of machine suitable for their own production needs is real. It helps us.

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