How To Judge The Noise Of Woodworking Engraving Machine?​
Aug 10, 2018

The stepper motor of the woodworking engraving machine has a pause every step of the way, and the noise is normal.

At a certain frequency, the woodworking engraving machine also generates resonance of the body, emitting obvious noise. This type of noise does not affect the normal use of the machine.

The noise that affects and harmful to woodworking engraving machines mainly in the following two categories:

1. Abnormal noise is emitted when the spindle motor is running.

The generation of such noise proves that there is a quality problem in the spindle bearing or the service life of the spindle bearing has arrived, or the quality is degraded or damaged after wear, and replacement can be considered at this time.

2. Abnormal noise is emitted during axial walking, and such phenomena are mostly present on the X-axis.

Mostly the axial motor bearing is damaged or the X-axis guide is lack of lubricating oil, dirty, too tight, ball wear, ball drop, etc., It must be handled in time.

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