How To Set Up A Wireless Router
Jun 08, 2018

Connect the router to the external network

Connect the broadband line at the front end to the router's WAN port and the Internet computer to the router's LAN port.

Please confirm the type of broadband lines in the household. According to the different broadband lines in the household, there are three access modes: telephone line, optical fiber and network line

After the wiring is connected, the indicator light corresponding to the WAN port of the router and the LAN port of the wired connection computer will be always on or flashing if the corresponding port is indicated

If the light is not on or the network icon of the computer shows a Red Cross, it indicates that there is a problem with the connection. Please check to make sure the connection is solid or try to change it

Internet line.

[1] open the browser, clear the address bar, and enter (some of the earlier router management addresses were, and in The router's login password is set in the pop-up window (the password length is between 6 and 15 bits), which is used to manage the router in the future.

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