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Chinese Woodworking Machinery Enterprises Enter The Era Of Second Entrepreneurship

  • 30/05/2019

With the expansion of the scale of furniture and wood processing enterprises and the continued growth of market demand, China’s woodworking machinery is facing the turning point of CNC, and Chinese woodworking machinery enterprises have to enter the era of second entrepreneurship.

Demand from downstream companies to create huge markets

Although “workers want to do their best, they must first sharpen their tools” is the ancient law of this industry. However, in terms of configuration equipment, enterprises tend to make profit maximization choices that match their own strengths in the market trend, and choose the best. Equipment does not necessarily mean profit, but rather means lack of competitiveness. When labor costs are low enough, in order to achieve their own profit targets, “people-to-sea tactics” are often the best choice for enterprises. The price of imported complete sets of CNC furniture production lines is hundreds of millions. The annual interest on loans is only a few million. Only loan interest can employ hundreds of employees. Equipment depreciation and maintenance costs can also be employed. Staff. Therefore, in the case of extremely low labor costs and low market demand for precision, the choice of traditional machinery is often better than the choice of CNC machinery.

Social changes forced the situation to change. In recent years, although the minimum wage level in China has not increased much, in China’s furniture and wood processing industry, due to the need to employ a large number of skilled workers, the wages of these skilled workers often exceed the legal minimum wage level of 2 to 3 times, plus technical schools across the country basically do not train skilled workers in the furniture industry, these liquidity can only rely on corporate training, the cost of training is paid by the enterprise; and after the employee quits, the company pays It is often hit.

Taking Guangdong as an example, the statutory minimum wage in Shenzhen still does not exceed RMB 1,000 per month, but it is necessary to pay more than 2,000 yuan per month to hire skilled workshop workers. Coupled with the recent continuous price hikes, there is bound to be room for improvement in the wage level of workers. In the past, the practice of raising the labor intensity of employees and extending the labor time of workers has reached the limit in legal and practical sense. Therefore, enterprises must increase their labor productivity and rely only on strengthening technical equipment to break through. Although CNC woodworking machinery is more expensive, its efficiency is several times higher than that of traditional machinery. Many business owners are eager to try. In recent years, some large-scale panel furniture enterprises have begun to spare no effort to introduce imported complete sets of numerical control equipment, or to purchase a small amount of numerical control equipment to arm the production line of the enterprise, which is purely pressure.

CNC core technology is still in the hands of foreign companies

More advanced CNC equipment is gradually favored by large-scale enterprises. In addition to the reasons for improving labor productivity, CNC equipment basically eliminates the occurrence of industrial accidents. In the past, the cost of work-related injuries in furniture companies was relatively low. If the cost of dismissing workers due to work-related injuries is only about 20,000 yuan, the legal awareness of employees is increasing. The wages have risen, and the compensation paid by the company for employees with 10 levels of disability has increased by about three times. Due to the heavy production tasks of many furniture companies, long-term overtime work leads to fatigue operation of workers, and work-related accidents sometimes occur. The troubles caused by this have caused the business owners to be overwhelmed.

In terms of precision and output rate, CNC woodworking machinery makes traditional machinery look like a sigh. In recent years, consumers’ demand for furniture products has continued to increase. After the comprehensive management methods to improve the level of technology have reached the limit, only the guns can be replaced by equipment to meet the demanding process requirements of consumers. In addition to the high degree of precision, the products produced by CNC woodworking machinery are far more balanced than traditional machinery, avoiding the inevitable quality fluctuations of traditional machinery. Today’s raw material prices have faced a “bull market” for several years. Every price fluctuation has made the production companies feel scared. In terms of improving the effective utilization rate of raw materials, CNC machinery also has the advantage that traditional machinery can’t match. The CNC turning point in the field of woodworking machinery in China has quietly arrived.

Long before the market vane changed quietly, many domestic institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions have prepared for the rain. Although universities and scientific research institutions lack interest and preparation in the field of traditional woodworking machinery, as the high-end field of CNC machinery in the mechanical equipment industry, the relevant national ministries and commissions have invested enough attention. In the field of metal CNC machinery, many companies in China have made substantial breakthroughs. Tsinghua University, Northeast Forestry University, Nanjing Forestry University and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions have achieved considerable technical reserves in CNC woodworking machinery. Once the market is warm, the market can join hands with enterprises to occupy the market. And Guangdong Mars and other companies have already relied on their own strength to introduce a small number of CNC woodworking machinery products to the market. Including most vocational secondary schools in the Mainland, CNC machine tool operation tutorials have been opened, and a large number of potential talent reserves have been provided for enterprises. Objectively resolve or alleviate the service pressure of woodworking machinery enterprises entering the market.

Compared with traditional woodworking machinery, the price of domestic CNC woodworking machinery is 5 to 10 times; the price of imported CNC products is 2 to 3 times that of domestic CNC products. Although CNC woodworking machinery has won overall in terms of efficiency, safety, precision, and yield, the extremely high price threshold has left many companies at the forefront. However, as the production and sales of CNC machinery become larger and larger, the cost of machinery and software will be diluted, and this price is expected to be depressed.

Judging from the experience of mechanical equipment in other fields, foreign companies expecting to master the technology to actively lower the selling price are undoubtedly the mirrors, and the cost of after-sales service for CNC machinery products of foreign companies is difficult to reduce. Chinese furniture and wood processing enterprises should enjoy more affordable and inexpensive CNC woodworking machinery. They can only expect local woodworking machinery enterprises to achieve progressive technological breakthroughs and accumulation, or technical cooperation with foreign companies in order to quickly popularize CNC woodworking in China. mechanical.

There is no “mountain rain to wind up the building”, the market has quietly changed, and the new pattern is quietly gestating. The CNC turning point in China’s woodworking machinery industry has quietly arrived. Many woodworking machinery enterprises will start their second business. Only the woodworking machinery enterprises that can make a difference in the field of numerical control can experience the big waves of the market and continue to write the Luban legend for more than two thousand years.


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