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Machine repair and maintenance

  • 12/08/2020

We all know that there will always be a broken day in the machine, but if there are regular maintenance and repairs and proper use, the maximum mechanical life can be achieved.

So what should you pay attention to in the maintenance and repair of machinery?

First of all, equipped with full-time or part-time electrical maintenance and repair personnel, regular maintenance and repair of woodworking machinery and electrical appliances. Woodworking machinery and electrical appliances have high requirements for the professional level of maintenance personnel. The general electrical personnel of furniture factories still have certain difficulties in the maintenance of difficult mechanical and electrical equipment. However, under the guidance of the machine manufacturer, the daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the electrical appliance can be done, and the accidents caused by the use of woodworking machinery and electrical appliances can be eliminated at any time.

In addition, in the process of mechanical use, it is necessary to scientifically estimate the power of the machine and the reasonable configuration of the meter capacity. After adding new machinery and equipment, furniture manufacturers must re-estimate the total power consumption of the enterprise. If the original electrical capacity is insufficient, it must be increased. It cannot wait until the machine fails and then increase capacity. Light-adding equipment does not increase the power consumption capacity, which is equivalent to burying the hidden dangers of electrical disasters.

The electrical circuit must be inspected regularly, and the old cable with insufficient cross-sectional area must be replaced to ensure the use of mechanical and electrical equipment. In the case of regional voltage stability, the voltage within the unit may be unstable. Consider replacing the cable; in the case of regional voltage instability, consider adding capacity and replacing the cable.

Finally, we must adjust the power usage frequency and make reasonable use of electrical energy. The power consumption of woodworking machinery is large and small. In the production of furniture, it is necessary to reasonably match the machinery with different power levels to maintain the relative balance of mechanical power consumption per unit time.

With the increase of furniture products, woodworking machinery is also growing, paying attention to mechanical maintenance and safety, not only can improve the efficiency of furniture processing, but also effectively extend the life of the machine.

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