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Woodworking Engraving Machine Three-dimensional Clearing Angle Skills And Methods

  • 29/05/2019

When we use CNC engraving machine to process wooden door shape or process engraving, we always use three-dimensional clear angle. The terminology is 3D engraving. The shape thus carved is more artistic and has a strong three-dimensional effect. The realization of this function is mainly done when designing the tool path and selecting the tool. When designing the tool path, we choose to automatically generate the engraving program with varying shades, using a sharp knife. However, sometimes the so-called “island” occurs because the area between the two lines of the pattern is relatively large or the place where the strokes are thicker is not processed.


There are two main processing methods for the processing of “island” by CNC engraving machine engraving software: island processing and continuous engraving. The so-called island processing is to process the unprocessed areas mentioned above by milling. When clearing the milling bottom, its “overlap percentage” should be defined. The continuous engraving method refers to continuing the three-dimensional processing by using the above-mentioned area that is plane-cut as the initial plane. Thus the actual engraving depth may be greater than the designed depth, but it cannot exceed the height of the blade plus the shank. When processing, the angle of the picking angle and the angle of the picking angle can be modified as appropriate. When machining larger objects or using thicker tools, the picking distance can be increased accordingly. Normally, it is recommended to use the default value of 0.1 mm. The picking distance is too small, which may cause too many corners and affect the actual processing effect of the engraving machine.


In short, whether it is the engraving machine for three-dimensional clear angle processing, or other engraving process, the operator needs to be more skilled in the use process, and master some related engraving processing skills, can better play the performance of the CNC engraving machine.


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