PCB Board Engraving Machine Homemade PCB Board
Jun 08, 2018

The PCB engraving machine has been bought for more than a year. It is usually used for sample processing of shell and hardware, but it has never been used for PCB

The circuit board, when I bought this machine, I also considered making the circuit board, so I also considered the precision. Despite the control of the machine

I'm familiar with manufacturing, but it took me a day and a half to build a circuit board for the first time, even though I consulted some articles and methods on the Internet

Time to explore, about 10 man-hours, including software installation, cracking (everyone likes to say harmony), PCB circuit diagram conversion, circuit

The process of carving PCB by board carving machine is explored. In retrospect, the online articles are mostly single introduction, scattered and incoherent, and cracked

The document is not necessarily suitable, so it takes a certain time. As for the process of PCB engraving by PCB engraving machine, it is a process of accumulation of experience

I hope it will be useful for you. I also welcome the advice from experienced friends.

Hardware: PCB engraving machine, copper plate


1: software installation

The software includes:

1) PCB drawing software (such as PRTEL99, I use ad6.x)

2) COPPERCAM(this software is used to generate PCB circuit boards)

3) NC program simulation editing software (this software is used to simulate the PCB tool path generated by COPPERCAM software, which I think is useful and feasible

In order to see the tool path in advance, it can be modified at the same time.

4) MACH3(this is the software used to control the movement of the engraving machine)

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