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When Buying A Woodworking Machine, You Can’t Just Look At The Price.

  • 29/05/2019

When customers understand and inspect woodworking engraving machine equipment, they usually ask for price. However, the prices quoted by different manufacturers are very different, and some are even different! Today, the cost of woodworking engraving machines is becoming increasingly transparent, and the same configuration price will not be much different. But with the difference of thousands or even tens of thousands, you need to think carefully about the noble God. The price difference is a few hundred or one thousand or two thousand, then it may be the size of the engraving machine manufacturers, the after-sales service is different, the price is different; the price difference is too big, the configuration must be “catty”. Take the woodworking engraving machine, according to the standard configuration, the most basic accessories, and the most reasonable design, each price should be more than 45,000, but many actually offer 30,000 or even lower, seemingly the same woodworking engraving machine But the price difference is so big, do you think it is normal?


The flourishing development of the woodworking engraving machine industry has prompted manufacturers to continuously improve the processing technology and improve the quality of products. On the other hand, some manufacturers who only have a small profit and a small profit have begun to fish. If you have a lot of inspections, it is not difficult to find out: Although there are many manufacturers of woodworking engraving machines, most of them are workshop-style production, and there are only a few large manufacturers of real-scale production. In the economic crisis of 2008, the original highly competitive woodworking engraving machine industry was put on the cusp of the turmoil. Many small manufacturers fought for price wars in order to compete in the market, and they misreported the configuration of customers, and even changed the standard of the machine. Many customers have problems in their use, and they have also messed up the woodworking machine market.


Many customers certainly don’t understand why there is such a big difference! As the saying goes: One penny is worth the goods! Now there are so many domestic woodworking engraving machine manufacturers, the competition is so fierce, and certainly there will be no such high profits! Then you need to consider the configuration of the machine. Some customers have sent a configuration of a peer. It is really terrible compared to the price. It is not surprising that the price is so low.


The price of the machine is our first consideration, but it cannot be absolutely price-oriented. For the practicality of your machine, when purchasing equipment, you can also consider the following aspects:

First, the scale of woodworking engraving machine manufacturers.

There are only a few manufacturers in China’s woodworking engraving machine manufacturers. If the processing equipment in the workshop is complete, you should consider it.

Second, woodworking machine after-sales service.

A company with only a few people, it can have several people after the sale, or whether it has a after-sales service department, you need to think about it. I am a customer. I came to Jinan in September to inspect the manufacturer to prepare the equipment. At that time, I had already inspected it. I decided to cooperate with a small-scale manufacturer. Now I am ready to buy a machine and then contact them. People say that they have not done it. Fortunately, this customer did not pay the deposit at that time, otherwise it would be called every day.

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