The Advantages Of Engraving Machines Over Push Table Saws:
Jul 21, 2018

The advantages of engraving machines over push table saws:

First, improve the utilization rate of the board

Improve the utilization rate of the plate, the engraving machine uses the milling cutter to open the material, can arbitrarily turn the direction of the turn, can cut the opposite sex, the table saw must be cut in the end, the plate utilization rate is high, with the self-developed software automatically optimized, the average utilization rate per plate is 2.7 -2.8 square.

Second, save labor

Save labor, push table saw 2 personal operation one, engraving machine one person to operate a few, save the wages of the table saw master, the plate uses more than 0.3 square meters each, using CNC engraving machine to open the material than the push table saw each plate saves 10 yuan.

Third, reduce labor intensity

Reduce the labor intensity, push the table saw to dry 30 sheets a day, and suffer from backache and leg pain in one day. After one year, you will definitely get a waist disease. Labor is high, and skilled workers are difficult to manage.

Fourth, the material opening speed doubled

The engraving machine has a fast cutting speed, the engraving machine is continuous when working, the push table saw pushes and stops, the board is moved to the direction, the workers' strength, the time is spent on the board, and the scale is adjusted. ,

Fifth, reduce the dust of the cutting machine The engraving machine is small in dust, and the vacuuming effect of the engraving machine is much better than that of the table saw.

Sixth, reduce work pressure

CNC engraving machine, 8 hours per day 60 sheets, high-end engraving machine 8 hours per day for 80 boards, ordinary cutting machine for manual loading and unloading, manual processing can be used to rest in the middle, greatly reducing the labor intensity .

Seven, easy to get started

The machine is easy to operate, zero error, zero failure rate. Any small worker can get started working directly after 3-5 hours of training.

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