The Correct Use Of Woodworking Engraving Tools
Aug 17, 2018

1. The scale of the tool holder should be suitable. If there is a section, a circle, a wear, and a taper of the inner hole, it must not be selected. Otherwise, the tool handle will be sensation, and the effect of carving will be poor.

2. The tool holder should be used with the tool handle. The tool handle should be firmly inserted into the tool holder and fastened. If the tool holder is used for too long and the inner hole is deformed, it is necessary to replace the tool holder immediately.

3. The tools should always be inspector's patience. If it is blunt, please replace it immediately. If it is used continuously, not only the effect of carving is not good, but also the condition of broken tools.

4. The thickness of the woodworking engraving machine must not exceed the thickness that the cutting edge can cut, otherwise the broken tools will be presented.

5. For the cutting of different raw materials, it is reasonable to use the cutting speed.

6. The body, clothes, and hair should not be close to the objects in the work.

7. The cutting recommendation speed should be balanced, and the speed should be consistent as much as possible to achieve a very good effect.

8. Use a special cleaner to remove dirt from the tool.

9. Apply anti-rust oil to avoid rusting the tool.

10. The tool cannot be sanded or altered by itself.


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