The Difference Between The Cutting Machine And The ATC Woodworking Processing Center
Aug 03, 2018

1. Different carving speed and precision

Because of the high price and high configuration, the ATC processing center is better than the multi-process engraving machine in processing speed and engraving precision.

2. The principle of changing tool is different

The multi-process engraving machine has multiple spindles. For example, there are three spindles for the three-step engraving machine. Different types of tools are installed on the three spindles. When the tool change is required, the current spindle is up and the required spindle down and continue carving. The Atc processing center has only one spindle, but it has a tool magazine. Different models have different tool magazine capacities, 8 or 12, and there are bucket-type tool changes depending on the shape of the tool magazine and the tool change method. When the tool is changed, the spindle moves to the tool magazine, selects the required tool, and returns to continue carving.

3. Different functions

 The multi-process engraving machine can be operated in simple steps such as engraving and drilling. The ATC processing center has functions such as cutting, boring, side milling and chamfering in addition to the engraving function.

4. Multi-process engraving machine for the middle-end customer groups, suitable for solid wood doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, paint-free doors, painted doors, soft door and other simple colors, 2-3 tools can be completed. The ATC processing center is aimed at high-end customers. It can produce works with complex colors, different shapes, high precision, and many works that can be completed with a tool.

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