The History And Development Of Woodworking Engraving Machine
Aug 09, 2018

The history of woodworking engraving machine is also a history of witnessing the development of human civilization science and technology. To increase everyone's understanding of woodworking engraving machines, Day max cnc introduces the history and development of woodworking engraving machines:

I. Introduction to traditional hand-carving

  1. The long history of hand-carving

The history of hand-carving in China has a long history. As early as in primitive society, there are many handicrafts that have taken shape. Jade carvings, stone carvings, bamboo carvings, root carvings, hair carvings and other carving art are popular among the people. In this area, the most popular is the wood carving art. The woodworking carving products have changed in form, reflecting the external objective world, and also expressing the emotions of the author's inner world. Woodworking sculptures are mainly used for crafts and home decoration.

2, the limitations of traditional hand-carving

 1) The long time of hand-engraving technology is long

Traditional hand-carving is a branch of the handicraft industry. The quality of processed products depends on the experience and skill of the engraver. The acquisition and improvement of this kind of experience and skill can not be achieved by simple theory, and it takes a long time to learn. Many climactic skills also need to be constantly explored and understood in practice.

2) The inheritance of manual engraving skills is relatively poor

Since the mastery of hand-engraving technology takes a long time, the development of the whole industry is very slow. Until today, the engraving technology has not changed much. It is only in the hands of a few craftsmen and cannot be widely spread.

Second, the initial development of woodworking engraving machine

1. Conditions for woodworking engraving machine

Woodworking engraving machine processing has a long history in the crafts production and construction industry. The quality of traditional woodworking engraving products depends on the craftsman's skill level, low labor productivity, high cost and poor repeatability. As the market demand continues to expand, these shortcomings gradually More and more obvious, coupled with the rapid development of the mold industry, thus promoting the development of carving processing to mechanization.

2, early woodworking machine

 The woodworking carving machinery that appeared in the early days is actually very simple. The most used ones are copy milling. This is sometimes more than manual engraving to reflect the increase in product yield and easier to grasp the performance of engraving materials, but it is difficult to accurately ensure the size and processing accuracy of the product. The operator can't throw away the carving knife in his hand, otherwise the quality is difficult to guarantee. With the development of industry, the influence of product form on the market is increasing. This rough processing method is difficult to adapt to changes in market demand.

Third, CNC woodworking engraving machine

In the past ten years, computer technology, information technology, and automatic technology have been widely used in the production and circulation fields of machinery manufacturing, which has greatly promoted the development of these industries. Over the years, people have been hoping that these advanced technologies can be applied to the wood carving industry, so CNC woodworking engraving machines came into being.

CNC woodworking engraving machine is a combination of traditional engraving technology and modern numerical control technology. It inherits the fine craftsmanship of traditional engraving and utilizes the automation technology in modern CNC machining. CNC woodworking engraving machine is a combination of computer-aided design technology (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing technology (CAM), numerical control technology (CN), and precision manufacturing technology, representing the most advanced engraving technology. The use of CNC woodworking engraving machines has been called the trend of the woodworking industry.

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