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The use of woodworking engraving machine tools is as follows

  • 11/11/2020

1. First of all, I have to be clear about the cooperation of the du tool and the chuck, whether the method of loading the tool is correct, and the quality of the tool itself are all factors that affect the runout. In this regard, I must pay attention to the cleanliness of the chuck and nut, and there must be no dust.

2. The force of the knife must be correct, too large or too small are not good, and the very important tool extension length should be small. The speed of the spindle motor should also be paid attention to when necessary. The requirements for the spindle speed are not very high.

3. The engraving machine is because the radial cutting force exacerbates the radial runout, and reducing the radial cutting force is an important principle to reduce the radial runout. Use sharp tools: The overall cutting force of sharp tools is small when processing.

4. In this way, the tool receives a small radial cutting force, which can reduce the radial runout of the tool; the rake face of the tool should be smooth: in this way, the friction of the chip to the tool can be reduced during processing.

5. Climbing milling should be used for rough machining, and up milling should be used for finishing. Note that this is only used for finishing, otherwise the service life of the tool is difficult to guarantee.

6. When using up-milling, the direction of the cutting force always pulls the tool towards the workpiece, so that the tool is more stable during processing; and the use of strong woodworking engraving machine tools, increase the strength of the knife by increasing the diameter of the tool shaft .

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