What Are The Advantages Of CNC Cutting Machine Compared To Ordinary Double-head Woodworking Engraving Machine?
Sep 01, 2018

Recently, many Indian and Bangladeshi friends consulted the 1325 and 1530 models of engraving machines. They needed to process some cabinets and door panels, punching, cutting, and grooving. Many Indian friends thought that ordinary woodworking engraving machines or double-head engraving machines would Can be done, and the price is relatively cheap, about 5,000 US dollars per machine. However, there are still many friends who have chosen the CNC cutting machine. I will now analyze the advantages of the CNC cutting machine compared to the ordinary woodworking engraving machine.


In the cutting function, the ordinary woodworking engraving machine and the double-head engraving machine can be unloaded, but the structure of the bed and the mechanical parts are inextricably linked. Manually changing the tool, a 3D door panel engraving of 15-20mm thickness, at least It takes 6-7 hours to complete, and there is also an error in the accuracy of the material to be opened. The CNC material cutting machine can be opened, punched and grooved by one machine. The machine is equipped with row drills and automatic tool change. The same 20mm thickness door panel engraving can be completed in 2.5-3 hours to meet various furniture needs. In addition, the CNC cutting machine can cooperate with numerous design layouts to optimize the cutting software, greatly improve the utilization rate of the board, the software can automatically unpack, the equipment can automatically load and unload, the operation is very simple, which is unmatched by ordinary woodworking engraving machine.


In the labor, get rid of the dependence of the traditional cutting mode on the artificial, the vertical punching at the same time of opening the material is also achieved, through the combination with the special design and splitting software, realizing intelligent production, saving labor and materials,save time!


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