What Factors Should Be Considered In Choosing A Modular Router
Jun 08, 2018

Choose and buy modular routers that take into account current business needs, current needs, future capacity expansion, device performance, scalability, and maintenance

Protection, manufacturer board card type and so on all need to take into account. After all, networking equipment is expensive for businesses, and most companies do it every day

Business operation, therefore needs to compare three goods, careful choice.

Below we will mainly introduce from the hardware aspect, what we should consider when choosing modular routers.

The forwarding performance

Forwarding performance, sometimes called throughput rate, is one of the most critical technical parameters of a router. The main function of the router is to do IP message forwarding.

Because most low - and medium-end routers use software running on the CPU to achieve this function, most low - and medium-end routers do not have the capability of line speed forwarding.

The router's three-layer forwarding mainly relies on CPU and is integrated on the router's main control board. The main control board is the system control and management core, provided

Control plane of the whole system, management plane and business exchange plane. For the main control board, many manufacturers in the industry in the high-end routers are provided with multiple hosts Control panel selection.

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