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Oscillation Knife With Good Price


1.High-speed stepping motor and imported air-cooling spindle improve the engraving speed and work efficiency.

2.It adopts imported original rail, which has large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision and long service life.

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Machine Model Y-1625Z Y-1625Y
Working Area 1600*2500mm 1600*2500mm
Max Cutting Speed 1500mm/s 1500mm/s
Repeat Position Accuracy 0.05mm 0.05mm
Max Cutting Thickness 20mm 20mm
Vacuum Pump Power 7.5KW/9KW ( Optional ) 7.5KW/9KW ( Optional )
Working Tool vibrating knife round knife
Transmission imported rack imported rack
Driver Style Imported full digital servo driver Imported full digital servo driver
Rated Voltage 220V/380V 50HZ 220V50HZ    380V50HZ
Machine Dimensions 2100*3250*1200mm 2100*3250*1200mm
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