ATC Woodworking CNC Router

Best CNC for Woodworking

Best CNC for Woodworking

HSD 9kw air cooling spindle
SYNTEC controller
Carousel tool changer
Yaskawa servo motor and driver
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The best woodworking machine CNC 1325 machine uses imported high-precision ball screw and imported square rail PMI. The machine runs smoothly and the machining speed is fast, which ensures the high precision of the machine. Original Italian imported HSD spindle, 24000r/m speed, 11KW frequency conversion, strong cutting ability and low noise, ensuring long-term operation of the machine.



Our factory works with a number of shipping companies, and their maritime experience will ensure that your machine arrives safely at the port. We also offer train transportation, especially in Russia, Ukraine and other neighbouring countries, to help you choose the best and fastest way to transport.

After-sales service

  1. When we receive any service you need, we will respond within 2 hours, all issues must be resolved within 3 hours, and your business will not be delayed.

  2. Overseas agents encounter technical problems, our engineers will come to the door and provide guidance to your technical team to help you expand and maintain your local market.

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