CNC Woodworking Machine

3d Cnc Wood Engraving Machine

3d Cnc Wood Engraving Machine

6kw air cooling spindle
Taiwan PMI rails
WEIHONG controller
Step motor
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This  best selling 4th axis 3d cnc  wood engraving router machine sale in Brazil / USA, which is specially designed for three-dimensional engraving on the surface of cylindrical wood. The standard model of our factory is 1325, of course we can also customize it for you.

1, Technical Specification


2, Product Features

lHigh temperature quenched steel structure, stable body and no deformation.

lHigh-speed stepping motor and imported air-cooled spindle to improve engraving speed and work efficiency.

lImported original PMI guide rail, large bearing capacity, stable working operation, high engraving precision,       long service life and not easy to deform.

lThe rotating shaft is carried on the side of the machine and is designed for three-dimensional engraving of cylindrical wood.


3, Main Application

Applicable materials

Wood, high density board, plastic, gypsum, composite board, plywood, glass, soft metal, wave board, PCB, crystal, lightweight marble and other non-metallic materials and light metal materials.

Applicable industry

Embossed sculptures, three-dimensional sculptures and objects such as legs of various furniture.


Package and Shipping

Packaging Details:

1, Land transport transported with waterproof plastic film to prevent the impact of humidity and rain on machine    performance

2, The shipping transport in addition to waterproof plastic film package, while using wooden box packaging, enhance the pressure resistance during transportation.

Shipping Details:

1, Normal delivery within 15-20 working days after your payment, and online to send you a video of the inspection machine or you come to the factory and check the machine onsite.

2, The whole machine transportation is usually carried out by sea, and can also be landed and aired.


Our service

Pre-sale Service

Our professional sales and technical team will help you find the most suitable machine model according to your requirements.

Our large workshops also offer OEM and customised services to ensure volume availability.

After sales service

 1. The warranty period of the product is one year, and the easy-to-wear parts are replaced free of charge within one year.

2. The factory provides 24-hour online technical services to ensure the normal operation of your business.

3. We provide free on-site training services and welcome to study at the factory.

4. Provide overseas engineer services at the same time, eliminating your worries.

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