CNC Woodworking Machine

3D Wood Carving Machine for Sale

3D Wood Carving Machine for Sale

3.5kw air cooling spindle
Taiwan PMI rails
DSP/WEIHONG controller
Step motor
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3D cnc wood carving machine, usually used in the furniture industry, art and decoration, wooden crafts, gift boxes and jewelry boxes. This is a very popular machine that is very popular in South Asia, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia and Russia.



How can I confirm the machine?

---- Dear friend, in order to recommend the most suitable quality and price of the machine, please answer my questions below, our professional services will satisfy you!

1. What is your product? Door panel? cupboard? Other furniture? Can you provide photos for reference?

2. What is the material and size (length/width/thickness) of your product?

3. Usually carved or cut? Or both?

After-sales service

   1. Guarantee free maintenance of machine problems within one year and one year, including replacement parts. Out of the warranty period, we also provide on-site service, you can bear a cost.

    2. Factory free training technology, so far. All program software Our technical team provides you with the easiest, most convenient and easy to learn method of operation.

   3. Don't worry about the quality of the machine, we welcome you to visit the factory. Alibaba platform also has a letter of protection, you are welcome to choose to cooperate with us.


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